The Art of Thai Boxing originated around the same time as Thai history. It is known as one branch of martial arts for defending oneself from their enemy. In the past, the Kings practiced Thai Boxing during times of war to gain sovereignty. At the time, Thai Boxing was instructed for the Kings, governors, leaders, warriors, etc. The main purposes were for fighting against the enemy and for self-defense. Thai Boxing is considered a crucial type of martial arts that is highly worthy for the nation, in which it is a sport tool to strengthen the bodies, while also reinforcing concentration, mental stability and tolerance. Thai Boxing is widely accepted and has gained international interest over the past several decades. Practitioners come from all around the world to Thailand to practice the authentic way though many still underestimate the power is can provide a fighter when practicing martial arts. Today, Thai Boxing is added to educational curriculum in Thailand, for instance, The College of Thai Martial Arts and Holistic Medication, Jombueng village Ratchabhat University, Ratchaburi province has added the study of Thai Boxing in their Liberal Arts courses. It is regarded as an appreciation that Thai Boxing is now starting to be promoted and conserved.


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